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What Tools & Equipment do you need for Whitby?

"Whilst any good ironmonger can supply cold chisels and strong knives or trowels, he is very unlikely to have safe and suitable hammers in stock. The steel of ordinary domestic and many trade hammers is far too soft for use on most rocks. It will splinter and flying fragments of steel can cause nasty wounds, particularly to the eyes, not only of the hammerer but also of his companions."
Fossils in Colour - 1967 - J.F. Kirkaldy, D.Sc. Formally Head of the Department of Geology, Queen Mary College London.

Most of the fossils can be found in foreshore nodules or loose within the shingle, however bones can also be found in the cliff face and in large nodules. You will need to take a pick and hammer for both instances.

Picks: A pick is very handy at Whitby, it can be used for easily removing fossils from the clays exposed on the foreshore.

Chisel Picks: Ideal for splitting rocks on the foreshore, chisel picks are more accurate than standard Geological hammers, however Standard Geological Hammers are still suitable to crack open smaller nodules where accuracy is not so important. .

Specimen Bags: These are ideal for collecting from Whitby. Sealable Clear Specimen Bags can hold your finds. These can be purchased from UKGE for low prices and can easily be re-used.

Geological Bags: Strong, Waterproof and durable geological bags that last years are ideal for any keen fossil hunter. These quality bags from Estwing are ideal for bringing back those larger finds or sample bags.

Footwear: Hiking Boots are recommended for Whitby.

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